Ohio State startup Mobikit partners to scale delivery services

Startups — April 23, 2020

Ohio State startup Mobikit partners to scale delivery services

As COVID-19 continues to evolve, the demand for delivery services has increased. Ohio State startup Mobikit recently partnered with prescription delivery company ScriptDrop to use a data-driven approach to scaling their services to meet this demand.

"Pharmacy delivery services, which deliver prescription medication to patients’ homes, are especially critical because they serve those patient populations that are most at-risk and most impacted by social distancing," writes Ritivik Vasudevan, data solutions engineer at Mobikit on Medium

Founded by computer science and engineering professor Arnab Nandi, Mobikit provides data infrastructure for connected vehicle management systems. The adoption of fully autonomous vehicles will dramatically shift the mobility experience and is projected to create 22 billion hours of additional in-vehicle daily media consumption. As enterprises begin to take advantage of the immense value of vehicle data, there is a need for faster and more streamlined ways to build transportation-based apps.

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