Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Senior Analyst, Business Operations

Chad Bahan

Staff Assistant, Technology Commercialization

Thea Bailey

Licensing Manager

Cordellia Bartell, PhD

Talent & Career Services Consultant

Julia Beckner

Data Analyst

FuWaye Bender

Director, Strategic Partnerships

Christy Bertolo

Business Operations Consultant

Aditi Bhatiya

Temporary Contract Officer

Christian Brown

Senior Intellectual Property and Grant Compliance Officer

John Cocumelli, JD

Associate Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
Co-Director, Honda-Ohio State Partnership

Alissa Comella

Licensing Analyst

Erika Csatary

Senior Technology Licensing Manager

Jason Dahlman, PhD, CLP

Senior Licensing Manager

Stewart Davis, CLP, RTTP

Temporary Contracts Officer

Sean Dixon

Director, Corporate Partnerships

Elizabeth Drotleff

Contracts Officer

Nathaniel Gardner

Director, Commercialization Partnerships

Art Gooray, PhD

Executive Assistant to Kevin Taylor

Cameron Groff

Collaboration Analyst

Todd Guttman

Licensing Officer

Panqing He

Executive Assistant to Scott Osborne

Madison Hilston

Senior Licensing Manager

Dongsung "Don" Hong

Manager, Contracts

Staska Keefer, JD

Director, Intellectual Property and Contracts

David Mess, MS, JD, CLP

Senior Technology Licensing Manager

Frank Norris

Director, Economic Development

Edward Pauline

Senior Contracts Officer

Sara Salari

Program Manager Honda - Ohio State Partnership

Emily Sandvik

Manager, Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship

Kate Schulhaus, PhD

Invention Compliance Officer

Lisa Siefker

Executive Assistant

Kelly Sitz

Grants & Contracts Specialist (Accelerator Awards)

Corine St. Gelais

Senior Associate General Counsel

Mike Steffensmeier

Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships

Chris Svec

Executive Director, Licensing

Don Taylor

Associate Vice President, Technology Commercialization

Kevin Taylor

Temporary Contracts Intake Associate

Anissa Thomas

Senior Director, Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship

Cheryl Turnbull

Contracts Officer

Nick Uremovich

Program Manager

Ben Webb

Contracts Intake Associate

Jamie Wolford

Senior Licensing Manager

Ryan Zinn