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ALC Innovations LLC
Advanced Materials

ALC Innovations offers a plant-derived, all-natural cleaner that is an alternative to harsh cleaning chemicals. The product contains no harmful dyes, no harsh chemicals, and no odor or taste, which makes it ideal to use around food. The cleaner is able to cut through fatty lipid substances, such as lipstick, and can be used on several surface types, such as wood, glass and countertops. In addition to restaurants, ALC Innovations plans to market the product to schools, hospitals and eventually households.

College of Arts & Sciences
License Fiscal Year: 2017
Inventor(s): Christopher Callam
CEO: Chris Crader
3DBioResins LLC
Advanced Materials

3D BioResins provides highly advanced resins for drug delivery, 3D manufacturing, and medical devices. While the use of 3D printing has shown explosive growth in industries ranging from automotive to personal care industries, the deployment of true 3D fabrication methods in the biomedical implant space has lagged due to a lack of medically acceptable resorbable resins. Polypropylene fumarate (PPF) is a resorbable polymer that can be printed using photocrosslinking 3D printing and has broad biomedical applications.

College of Medicine
License Fiscal Year: 2016
Inventor(s): David Dean
CEO: Joel Rube
Nikola Labs, Inc.
Robotics, Sensors & Advanced Manufacturing

Nikola Labs is a wireless power company with an advantaged far-field technology that converts radio-frequency (RF) energy into direct current (DC) power.  The company’s first application is predictive facility maintenance (PfM) system for manufacturing equipment, such as motors, bearings, pumps and gearboxes.  The Nikola PfM system includes wirelessly powered temperature and vibration sensors, a transponder that powers the system, and a cloud-based software application that allows customers to view and analyze the data.

College of Engineering
License Fiscal Year: 2015
Inventor(s): Chi-Chih Chen
CEO: Will Zell