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NanoMedical Systems Inc.
Therapeutics, Drug Delivery & Biotechnology

NanoMedical Systems (NMS) is commercializing silicon-based medical nanotechnology products for personalized medicine. The company’s Personalized Molecular Drug-delivery System (PMDS) is an implantable capsule with a nano-channel chip that provides sustained, controlled drug release within the optimal therapeutic range.  This translates to improved safety and therapeutic efficacy, ultimately resulting in improved patient outcomes. The company licensed technology from Ohio State and the University of Texas.

College of Medicine
License Fiscal Year: 2008
Inventor(s): Mauro Ferrari
CEO: Randy Goodall
Medeoryx Limited
Therapeutics, Drug Delivery & Biotechnology

Medeoryx is commercializing direct tissue reprogramming utilizing tissue nanotransfection (TNT) technology that can deliver reprogramming cargo directly into adult cells in milliseconds, without the need for viral delivery vectors. TNT induces direct in vivo cellular reprogramming and is applicable to both skin and surgically-accessible tissue. The technology has applications to improve the treatment of diabetes, cancer, wound healing, and limb ischemia.

College of Engineering
License Fiscal Year: 2019
Inventor(s): Daniel Gallego Perez
CEO: Alex Yang
Inthera Bioscience AG
Therapeutics, Drug Delivery & Biotechnology

Inthera Bioscience AG is a pre-clinical stage oncology company developing small-molecule inhibitors of protein-protein interactions. The company utilizes a proprietary technology platform to rationally design orally available molecules that display hot spot residues on a non-peptidic backbone, merging the versatility of small molecules with the specificity of biologics. The initial focus is reactivation of the p53 tumor suppressor pathway in HPV-associated cancers. 

College of Medicine
License Fiscal Year: 2014
Inventor(s): Quintin Pan
CEO: Ulrich Kessler
ExonanoRNA LLC
Therapeutics, Drug Delivery & Biotechnology

ExoNanoRNA is commercializing a novel drug delivery system utilizing branched RNA nanostructures to improve drug solubility in vivo, drug loading efficiency, and drug efficacy while reducing toxicity and allowing for tumor targeting.

College of Pharmacy
License Fiscal Year: 2018
Inventor(s): Peixuan Guo
CEO: Peixuan Guo
Entrada Therapeutics Inc.
Therapeutics, Drug Delivery & Biotechnology

Entrada Therapeutics is developing an intracellular biologics and drug delivery platform designed to enable new treatments for devastating diseases. Entrada’s delivery vehicles boast improved bioavailability, biodistribution, metabolic stability and enhanced efficiency compared to previous gold standards. Initially the company will focus on utilizing its intracellular delivery system for treating a rare, fatal mitochondria disease with no currently approved treatment options.

College of Arts & Sciences
License Fiscal Year: 2019
Inventor(s): Dehua Pei
CEO: Dipal Doshi