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Technologies developed at Ohio State are changing the world. Learn more about the startups that are currently a part of the Ohio State portfolio or download our printable catalog (as of June 30, 2019).

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RedBud SoftWare Inc.
Software & Information Technology

RedBud SoftWare delivers modern agriculture software for greenhouse growers. RedBud is a cloud-based SaaS that provides a centralized platform for greenhouse operators to streamline task management with actionable insights and dynamic record-keeping. RedBud helps growers reduce costs, while maximizing crop consistency and repeatable results.

College of Arts & Sciences
License Fiscal Year: 2019
Inventor(s): Joan Leonard
CEO: Bob Wiggins
Mobikit Inc.
Software & Information Technology

Mobikit provides data infrastructure for connected vehicle management systems. The adoption of fully autonomous vehicles will dramatically shift the mobility experience and is projected to create 22 billion hours of additional in-vehicle daily media consumption. As enterprises begin to take advantage of the immense value of vehicle data, there is a need for faster and more streamlined ways to build transportation-based apps.

College of Engineering
License Fiscal Year: 2019
Inventor(s): Arnab Nandi
CEO: Arnab Nandi
MIPAR Software LLC
Software & Information Technology

MIPAR is a comprehensive image analysis software capable of identifying and accurately measuring features from nearly any image. MIPAR’s user-friendly interface allows for the creation of customizable and non-destructive “recipes” to enable users to create application-specific and efficient image processing workflows. The software has widespread applications including materials science, life science, particle analysis, earth science, face detection and aerial photography. 

College of Engineering
License Fiscal Year: 2017
Inventor(s): John Sosa; Hamish Fraser
CEO: John Sosa
Innovate IP Inc.
Software & Information Technology

Innovate IP provides a web-based platform for managing intellectual property assets. Innovate IP’s software enables research institutions (universities, hospitals, federal labs, and corporations) to manage the creation, protection and disposition of intellectual property assets.  The multi-tenant platform serves as a work-flow manager and transaction tracking repository moving innovation from lab to market. The software allows inventors, administrators, licensees, law firms and others to collaborate in a unified system to generate, monitor and report outcomes for impact.

College: Office of Business & Finance
License Fiscal Year: 2018
Inventor(s): Michael Coutinho
CEO: Jim Bratton
inmobly Inc.
Software & Information Technology

Inmobly, Inc. is an AI-based end-to-end video delivery platform that allows mid-sized media companies, educational institutions and enterprises to deliver highly targeted and cost-effective video streaming services directly to consumers. Inmobly’s over-the-top (OTT) technology profiles the interests of viewers and smartly caches content of interest to provide targeted video content with reduced distribution and storage costs.

College of Engineering
License Fiscal Year: 2013
Inventor(s): Hesham El Gamal
CEO: Richard Cohen