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inmobly Inc.
Software & Information Technology

Inmobly, Inc. is an AI-based end-to-end video delivery platform that allows mid-sized media companies, educational institutions and enterprises to deliver highly targeted and cost-effective video streaming services directly to consumers. Inmobly’s over-the-top (OTT) technology profiles the interests of viewers and smartly caches content of interest to provide targeted video content with reduced distribution and storage costs.

College of Engineering
License Fiscal Year: 2013
Inventor(s): Hesham El Gamal
CEO: Richard Cohen
Greater Fool LLC
Software & Information Technology

Greater Fool is an Apple iPad platform for mouse lab research organizations.  The company’s Mouseville tool helps researchers meet critical organizational needs to facilitate research studies.  The technology encompasses both cloud-based data storage and an iPad application for researchers to facilitate and organize mouse breeding and research activities. 

College of Medicine
License Fiscal Year: 2015
Inventor(s): David Taffany
CEO: David Taffany
Grad Central LLC
Software & Information Technology

GradCentral is commercializing software technology designed to manage graduate education programs, evaluations, student data and communications in a paper-free environment. By providing single-source access to data, as well as a customizable user experience, GradCentral provides a unique platform that will improve the management of graduate student education.

College of Arts & Sciences
License Fiscal Year: 2018
Inventor(s): Michael Hardesty
CEO: David Dorr
DAtAnchor Inc.
Software & Information Technology

DAtAnchor is a novel crypto-technology that provides seamless and easy to use, encryption, automated data governance, and dynamic access control and revocation capabilities. These features enable businesses to protect their sensitive data, even when it may be exfiltrated. DAtAnchor is a universal solution, protecting all data types, along with any application used to secure it. It is very easy to set up, and DAtAnchor seamlessly integrates with existing cloud-based security solutions and distributed storage systems.

College of Engineering
License Fiscal Year: 2019
Inventor(s): Emre Koksal
CEO: Emre Koksal
Columbus Technology LLC
Software & Information Technology

Columbus Technology has licensed technology and software that enables very fast, large dataset querying that is needed for big data analytics applications. The company is testing the software’s data capture, processing and analytics capability with government and defense-based use cases to achieve proof of concept. Target markets include customers in the insurance, banking, utilities and retail industries.

College of Engineering
License Fiscal Year: 2015
Inventor(s): Arnab Nandi
CEO: Victor Thorne