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Tech4Imaging LLC
Robotics, Sensors & Advanced Manufacturing

Tech4Imaging produces a non-invasive, non-destructive electrical capacitance volume tomography (ECVT) imaging technology for commercial and industrial use. ECVT provides 3-D volume images by reconstructing electrical signals acquired from a capacitance sensor. Combining this sensor with advanced analytics software and consultation services, the company provides industrial process visualization, combustion volume imaging, multi-phase flow measurements and imaging that can be applied to energy, aerospace, automotive and pharmaceutical industrial processes. 

College of Engineering
License Fiscal Year: 2008
Inventor(s): Liang-Shih Fan
CEO: Quassai Marashdeh
ZiiROBOT (fka Sparrow Robot LLC)
Robotics, Sensors & Advanced Manufacturing

Sparrow Robot, LLC is developing an active robotic walker using cooperative pulleys to enable a disabled person to walk.

College of Engineering
License Fiscal Year: 2018
Inventor(s): Yuan Zheng
CEO: Yuan Zheng
Circular Wave Drive Partners Inc.
Robotics, Sensors & Advanced Manufacturing

The robotics, aerospace and medical equipment industries heavily rely on speed reduction technology.  However, existing speed reducers have a short lifespan and are expensive to manufacture. Circular Wave Drive’s technology enables a full product line of low-cost, compact and highly-efficient speed-reducing gearing systems which overcome the limitations of both the Harmonic Gear Drive and Nabtesco RV. This allows Circular Wave Drive to disrupt both the value and premium markets.

College of Engineering
License Fiscal Year: 2015
Inventor(s): Jacob Martin; Yuan Zheng
CEO: Flavio Lobato
AwareAbility Technologies LLC
Robotics, Sensors & Advanced Manufacturing

AwareAbility Technologies is bringing to market IoT sensors that are durable, able to function in harsh environments, and have a 10+ year power life. The company's tracking tags help businesses analyze data from almost anywhere in the physical world. This enables them to overcome barriers by gathering and processing data in austere environments through three core technologies: radiological power technologies, Internet of Things-based data collection and machine learning analytics.

College of Engineering
License Fiscal Year: 2018
Inventor(s): Lei Cao
CEO: Vasil Hlinka
AccuFiber Technologies LLC
Robotics, Sensors & Advanced Manufacturing

AccuFiber Technologies electrospins core-shell, nanofiber-based, oxygen sensors and targets commercially viable products based on this technology. Compared to conventional or optical-based sensors, the company’s nanofiber-based sensors have several advantages including greater sensitivity, lower manufacturing costs and real-time detection of even low levels of oxygen. The company is integrating its nanofiber-based oxygen sensor into a wide range of products, with initial efforts focused on military applications.

College of Engineering
License Fiscal Year: 2016
Inventor(s): John Lannutti
CEO: Hugo Trux