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Autoscope - Otoscopy Image Analysis to Diagnose Ear Pathology

College of Medicine (COM)
Gurcan, Metin
Elmaraghy, Charles
Essig, Garth "garth"
Moberly, Aaron
Senaras, Caglar
Taj-Schaal, Nazhat "Nazhi"
Teknos, Theodoros "Ted"
Yu, Lianbo
Licensing Manager
Paschall, Christopher

T2017-041 An otoscopy device that overcomes inaccurate, subjective clinical diagnosis of ear disease by objectively detecting more than 14 eardrum abnormalities.

The Need

Misclassification of ear disease may result in clinical mismanagement in treatment. Unfortunately, diagnosis of ear pathology is highly subjective, and may require specialized training. There is a need for an objective mechanism to aid clinicians in more reliably diagnosing ear disease.

The Technology

Researchers at The Ohio State University have developed an automatic otology device that objectively classifies eardrums as "normal" or "abnormal," and can detect over 14 eardrum abnormalities. The Autoscope is under the protection of a provisional patent application, and will aid clinicians both in objectively and accurately diagnosing ear disease.

Commercial Applications

  • Ear treatment for both general practitioners and specialists
  • Ear based disease diagnosis
  • Telemedicine


  • Significantly more accurate treatment for ear infections and other ear-related diseases
  • Ear infections are the most commonly treated childhood diseases
  • Ear infections require a tool that is reliable for treatment
  • There is an increasing demand for point-of-care diagnostics devices
  • The global market for portable diagnosis and testing products is steadily rising