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Device and Container for the Reheating and Sterilization of Contents

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College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES)
Sastry, Sudhir
Heskitt, Brian
Jun, Soojin
Mahna, Ritesh
Marcy, Joseph
Licensing Manager
Flammang, Ann Marie

T2005-079 A compact, resealable container that allows for rapid and uniform heating for food sterilization

The Need

Typically, packaged foods that are sterilized using conventional, external hot media need to be heated for long periods of time to ensure that the slowest heating regions within the package achieve sterility. This results in significant nutritional and quality loss in the overheated portions of the food product. The technology that has been developed at The Ohio State University allows for rapid and uniform heating and sterilization which results in far superior product quality and lower energy consumption.

    The Technology

    The Ohio State University researchers, led by Dr. Sudhir Sastry, developed a novel device and package for the reheating and sterilization of the container's load. It enables rapid reheating of contents to serving temperature during space vehicle transit and is electrically insulating. Also, it's resealable feature allows for the containment and sterilization of waste, including human waste, for storage prior to jettison. The container is significantly more compact than other heating devices - a benefit for use on space crafts and an improvement in food quality during the sterilization process.

    Commercial Applications

    • Combat ration industry
    • Food packaging equipment:
      • Outer space meals
      • Commercial meals


    • Enables rapid heating while in space transit
    • Significantly more compact than other heating methods for use on space crafts
    • Improves food quality during a sterilization process
    • Resealable feature allows the containment and sterilization of waste