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Method for Large scale production of RNA or RNA nanoparticles via the combination of rolling circle transcription and ribozyme processing.

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Guo, Peixuan
Jasinski, Daniel
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Ezzell, Janel
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T2017-446 A new method to produce RNA and RNA nanoparticles by using rolling circle transcription to produce RNA on a large scale.

The Need

Since RNA interference was first described and utilized in 1998, the field has been expanding at an immense pace. Many types of therapeutics have been developed using synthetically constructed RNA interference nanotechnology, including work in the fields of cancer, immune therapy, and other human diseases. However, the yield and the cost of RNA production is lower than desired and has slowed down the advancement of the RNA field. Therefore, a new method to produce high yields of quality RNA cheaply is essential for the advancement of the RNA field and the further development of new therapeutics.

The Technology

Researchers at The Ohio State University, led by Dr. Peixuan Guo, created a new method to produce natural and synthetic RNA and RNA nanoparticles. The inventors using both rolling circle transcription (RCT) and ribozyme processing. This modified process uses circular dsDNA templates and encoded self-cleaving ribozymes to produce double stranded RNA quickly and in large quantities. Cleavage efficiency reach 80% with in vitro studies. The RNA can be purified quickly using a newly developed, industrial scale gel electrophosis column.

Commercial Applications

  • Cancer research
  • Therapeutic development
  • Genetic and cellular modification research


  • Large scale production of RNA and RNA nanoparticles