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The STEMcoding Learning Management System

College of Arts & Sciences
Orban, Christopher
Britt, Christopher "Christopher"
Porter, Christopher
Licensing Manager
Davis, Stewart

T2018-005 The STEMcoding Learning Management System is a tool for incorporating computer programming activities into introductory STEM courses.

The Need

As technology becomes more advanced over time, the need for people with programming knowledge increases, especially in fields where technology can be used to improve efficiency. Despite the fact that STEM courses have not traditionally used programming activities to teach concepts, there are vast opportunities to integrate subject-relevant coding activities that can benefit students going forward in their academic careers and into the workforce. In spite of the push for more coding integration, adding programming exercises into a typical STEM course is a tedious task and not typically undertaken. A tool that can help streamline the process will ultimately help teachers and institutions adopt coding activities into their STEM courses.

The Technology

Researchers from The Ohio State University's College of Engineering and College of Arts & Sciences have developed the STEMcoding Learning Management System (LMS), a website designed to facilitate the use of subject-relevant computer programming exercises in STEM courses such as math, physics, chemistry, biology, etc. Though coding is not traditionally taught through the high school and early college curriculum this way, there are possibilities for integrating coding activities related to these subjects. The STEMcoding LMS allows students to use a browser-based editor to complete step-by-step programming assignments that typically produce interactive visualizations and simple games. Because the LMS is browser-based, it is supported by many devices and does not require additional software. Students can also see and interact with intermediate versions of the correct program as they complete the exercise. Instructors can then use the STEMcoding LMS to quickly view, run, comment, and grade a student's submitted code. The instructor has the option to require students to complete research-validated, animated surveys and quizzes to gauge their learning. In addition, the instructor can use STEMcoding to transfer a student's grade to another learning management system, further reducing the time required to grade these activities.

Commercial Applications

  • Incorporate computer programming activities into introductory STEM courses
  • Use as a learning management system for grading programming activities
  • Use as a tool to offer feedback and monitor students' knowledge acquisition


  • Browser-based with no additional software needed, meaning support for many devices
  • Designed to work with any browser
  • Integration with existing learning management systems reduces the time required for an instructor to incorporate graded coding exercises in his or her course
  • Quick grading allows for instructors to offer graded programming exercises regardless of class size
  • Instructors can view, comment, and grade students' work
  • Streamlines the process to incorporate graded coding exercises into a STEM course
  • Includes a set of prepared programming activities aimed at high school and early college
  • Tested in the classroom